About Us

IPCCI was founded by a visionary businessman, social activist Mr Jawahar Jyothi Singh (J J Singh) on June 1st, 2008, and its acts as an official and trusted gateway for Indian and Polish companies to explore opportunities and enter respective markets.


IPCCI provides services ranging from market research to facilitating implementation of various commercial projects in Poland and India. The go-to Chamber for and Indian or Polish companies who are exploring trade and business opportunities in these respective countries.


Reasons to be a proud member of prestigious Indo Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Grab yours today and become a member, to explore opportunities in the world of Indo Polish commercial cooperation and many other avenues.

About Us

What’s IPCCI and history of Indo Polish relations

IPCCI- Indo Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industries

What's IPCCI The Indo-Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industries was founded by a visionary businessman, social activist Mr Jawahar Jyothi Singh (J J Singh) on June 1st, 2008, and its acts as an official and trusted gateway, providing linkages between the Indian and Polish business communities. It covers the whole Indian and Polish territory wherever there is a need, with members from the different Indian &Polish geographies. As a chamber our members pertain to several industries like banking and finance, back-office services, engineering and construction, food and beverage, garments and fashion, hospitality, automotive, logistics, manufacturing, re-location services, sports, utilities and renewable energies, telecom and Information technology. Currently IPCCI has become the Go-To organization for any Indian as well as Polish Business to do cross country investments.

What We do

The activities of Chamber


Make In India,
Invest in India

Promoting the dream project of Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, Make In INDIA by pitching and facilitating the ease of doing business in India for Polish companies. And promoting Poland as a preferred investment destination as it’s the central European powerhouse.


Business Networking

Business Breakfast and Evening Cocktail events, covering different topics/matters of concern to the business community when working in India and Poland, with the participation of third-party experts, offering specific and individual advice for success


Handling VIP visits

Handling state visits by diplomatic missions of both countries as a support for respective embassies. Visits of Business leaders, Movie Stars and who’s who of the both the worlds are handled by the chamber.

Promoting Bi-lateral Economic relations

Promoting Bi-lateral
Economic relations

Developing MoU's with Polish and Indian company associations and industry federations, to be the reference player and main gate to the Polish business community in India, and promoter of bilateral relations for Indian companies willing to do business in Poland.

Facilitation of Business Meetings

Facilitation of
Business Meetings

Initiation and facilitation of meetings between companies and business as per requirements. IPCCI is a major facilitator when It comes to connecting the right dots as far as business and economic activities are concerned.

Market Potential and Research

Market Potential and Research

Poland is a European economic powerhouse and India is the investors dreamland with the fastest growing economy. Deep, professional market research and analysis of both markets are done on regular basis and updated, so as to help the business communities in both countries to explore and invest respectively.

History of Indo Polish Relations

During the 16th century Renaissance and the Age of Discovery period in the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland, a small number of Poland's nobility, statesmen, merchants and writers visited India and fostered the abiding interest of the Polish people in the civilization, philosophy, spiritual traditions, art and culture of India. One of the first diplomatic dignitaries and travellers during this period to make Polish contact with India—then under the rule of the Mughal Empire, was the Polish nobleman and statesman Paweł Palczowski who was a long serving royal courtier to King Sigismund III Vasa and from the distinguished senior Silesian noble house of Saszowski family. As early as 1611, the Polish Catholic priest, translator and poet, Stanislaw Grochowski (1542-1612), published a book titled Cudowne wiersze z indyjskiego jezyka (Wonderful Verses from the Indian Language). It was a translation of the Bhagavad Gita, which had first been translated from Sanskrit into Medieval Latin by the Italian poet and Jesuit missionary Francisco Benci (1542-1594), who had stayed in India and later lectured at the Jesuit college in Pułtusk, Poland. Where Stanislaw Grochowski was a professor.


Interview at 4th Global Economic Summit held at World Trade Centre Mumbai during 11-13 September, 2014

Our President sharing his thoughts on how the western world, specifically Eu and Poland in Particular look India as new trustable business partner with the current scenario in the world. Specially about the Make in India ,Invest in India programmes and how they are putting India as a manufacturing and services hub for the world ,replacing China.

J J Singh

President, IPCCI