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Make in India

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September 25, 2014
For Indians FDI is First Develop India...for foreigners, it is an opportunity

Prime Minister Narendra Modi defined FDI today as he sees it. “For Indians FDI is First Develop India…for foreigners, it is an opportunity,” the PM said to an audience of CEOs that packed Delhi’s Vigyan Bhawan, where Mr Modi launched his ambitious “Make in India” campaign.

Embassy of India in Poland with IPCCI and Poland Asia Research centre held a seminar which was dedicated to address an efficient model of economic diplomacy between the two countries and Make in India campaign at the Polish Parliament in Warsaw an appropriate venue for this important event.

More than 200 delegates from administration, diplomatic corps , academic and business attended the same and were addressed by the newly elected Minister of Foreign Affairs ,H.E. Mr. Grzegorz Schetyna who made his first public appearance as Foreign Minister by inaugurating the seminar and placed an emphasis on the relationship between the two countries and important role of India as an investment destination and economic collaboration for Poland.

Mr.G R Meena , HOC , Embassy of India addressed the gathering and “Make in India” video was played with a Polish translation. Mr.J J Singh ,President IPCCI made a presentation of “Make in India” and invited Polish Business to invest and avail the opportunity which India is providing to the world business and emphasised that Polish business should not lose this opportunity of expanding not only in India but in Asia as whole.

The administration of Poland comprising of Undersecretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs ,H.E.Mrs Katarzyna Kacperczyk , Undersecretary of Ministry of Finance H.E.Mr.Rafał Baniak , representatives of Ministry of Economy , Parliamentarians and other dignitaries confirmed the importance of India as an economic partner and declared that more steps will be taken to strengthen the Economic ties by educating Polish business to expand in India.