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Apology letter -“Truth always triumphs” – J J Singh’s triumph in his fight against the fake news! Read the public apology from the media house here…

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April 26, 2023

Pulse Digital Marketing

Date: 19/04/2023
Mr. JJ Singh
President OFBJP Poland & IPCCI
Head of Gurdwara Committee, Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Warsaw, Poland.

Subject: Apology letter

We at Pulse Digital Marketing would like to extend our deepest apologies for the recent error that
occurred involving an article forwarded by one of our employees which we received from Mr. Aman
Sharma (Phone number: +91 7705851480) to Mr. Akhilesh Singh, without verifying its contents.
We deeply regret the potential damages to your reputation due to the said article as you have been an
social activist and entrepreneur for past 30 years in Poland and also the only Indian to have received
the highest honour given to any Non Polish in Poland from the ministry for his contribution to building
and strengthening relations between India and Poland, to his organisation IPCCI, and Gurudwara such
a pious place.

The article in question was received by us from an external source, and without thoroughly verifying its
contents, we forwarded it to another person Mr. Akhilesh Singh in routine manner. We once again
sincerely apologize for any embarrassment or inconvenience this may have caused, but you may rest
assured that this was done without any mala-fide intent on our part.
Mr. Singh, we deeply value your contribution to the Indian Community in Poland, and we want to assure
you that we take this matter very seriously and will not repeat such mistakes in the future. We are
committed to continuously improving our processes and maintaining people’s trust in our services. We
hope that you will accept our sincere apology.

Once again, please accept our heartfelt apologies for this oversight. We appreciate your understanding
and forgiveness in this matter.

Team, Pulse Digital Marketing


Gaurav Singh
Pulse Digital Marketing

Click here to see the letter in Original with signature!